Download: Objektiv One – “Capuletgo, Please!” (MP3)


So you have seen this man comment on posts, review albums, and provide a rant here or there for Potholes. But have you heard his music? If not, you are in for one hell of a treat. It’s an instrumental powered by lush orchestration and vocal samples that combine for a headnodding, yet mellow listen. And after you give this joint several spins, be prepared to cop the full album, from which this single will reside some time this summer, free of charge. What makes this single even more special, is that it comes to you exclusively from Potholes In My Blog (note the fancy artwork also done by Objektiv). Check it out, share it with your friends and let us know what you think… Enjoy!

Download: Objektiv One – “Capuletgo, Please!” (Megaupload) (Mediafire) (zShare)

14 thoughts on “Download: Objektiv One – “Capuletgo, Please!” (MP3)

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  1. thanks a lot. : )

  2. Cold blooded, Objektiv One. Straight up.

  3. Zer0_Chris|

    Good stuff Objectiv! Lookin for the release!

  4. Thanks Kam, Trish, and Joel. I appreciate all the support!!!!

  5. Ill dude. i love the way it grooves. can’t wait to hear everything else.

  6. loving this joint. i became a fan of his work a few months back. can’t wait to hear the new project!

  7. I like it! Thanks for sharing. I have it blaring on my laptop speakers, so I’m probably not doing it the justice it deserves!!

  8. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it. I also did the artwork so that means a lot all around.

  9. And I’m not talking just the single, I’m talking the artwork too. Everything. Wow.

  10. This is, really, really nice.

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