Download Marble’s ‘L.L. Remix EP’ Featuring Ta-ku, B.Lewis, GRANT and More

marble ll remix ep Download Marbles L.L. Remix EP Featuring Ta ku, B.Lewis, GRANT and MoreYoung Orlando producer/multi-instrumentalist Marble really rounded up some of our favorite acts here at Potholes for his new release. The L.L. Remix EP features a stunning original version of the title track, “L.L.”, by Marble that then gets warped and shape-shifted into new realms by Ta-ku, B.Lewis, GRANT, Blackbird Blackbird, and RuddyP. It’s hard to pick a favorite from the whole bunch. Ta-ku, for example, mixes in samples from Beyonce’s “Party” and GRANT throws in some screwed vocals and blustery percussion.

You can download and/or stream the EP below.

Download: Marble - L.L. Remix EP [Bandcamp]