Download Mac Miller’s New Mixtape As Delusional Thomas

delusional-thomasWell, Mac Miller has had the artwork as his Twitter avi for long enough. The man hellbent on continuing to prove his artistic merits offers what might be his most fascinating project yet in Delusional Thomas, which is technically self-titled. Yup, another moniker. The entire tape is produced by Mac’s beat maker alias Larry Fisherman, and the raps are largely helmed by this novel persona. Akin to Eminem’s evil twin Slim Shady, everything about this project is very dark, very haunting and impossibly captivating.

Mac Miller “features” on his own release in his normal voice, while Earl Sweatshirt shows up for an impressive verse along with Da$h. There’s a lot of material to be unpacked and examined here, as the Pittsburgh kid has created something that appears to be a real psychological trip.

Stream Thomas below, and let us know what you think of yet another left turn taken by Mac to explore his aesthetic limits to the fullest. [via]

Download: Delusional Thomas – Delusional Thomas [AudioMack]

8 thoughts on “Download Mac Miller’s New Mixtape As Delusional Thomas

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  1. Max Kovalchuk|

    If you’re a fan of Mac Miller then check out the new T. Mills EP which just dropped

  2. i’m not even mad at mac miller anymore

  3. this is really good. im genuinely surprised at how mac miller has won me over this year.

  4. Taison ☠|

    So many Eminem rhyme schemes in this

  5. sounds more like Kayln from Wheelchair Sports Camp.

  6. Bloodmoney Perez|

    will download this when i get home. This year in music has been freaking NUTS. And Mac’s “Watching Movies..” is on my top 25.

  7. this is dope, homage to tha lord quas

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