Download: Intuition – I Ruined These Songs For You [Mixtape]

I have hyped the shit out of this project over the past few weeks, but can you blame me? The leaked tracks have been a trip down memory lane to the days when we would make mixtapes for friends or prospective love interests and inject some personal touches. In Intuition’s case, those personal touches are killer verses that match up with the content found within each track. That means he goes along with the story told on Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks”, for example, and other tracks by acts like the Black Keys and Portishead. Get ready to have some of your favorite songs “ruined” by this MC.

Download: Intuition – I Ruined These Songs For You

5 thoughts on “Download: Intuition – I Ruined These Songs For You [Mixtape]

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  1. can someone again upload this, please guys?

  2. May Dorothy|

    The Portishead track is an absolute killer. Thanks for introducing me to this dude.

  3. Zach Cole|

    Been waiting on this one! This will be my soundtrack while I write tonight…

  4. Amazing idea and well executed. I actually I had an idea similar to this I was playing around with, but this is too nice.

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