Download: Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” + Mayer Hawthorne – “Make Her Mine” Feat. Intuition

Say hello to the first two leaks off Intuition’s upcoming side project dubbed I Ruined These Songs For You. This free mixtape brings it back to the day you would make actual cassettes for your friends or a girl who caught your eye. But instead of straight-up tracks, Intuition spits over portions of them with complementary lyrics that maintain the original song’s tone and story. There are no chopped samples or anything like that, just some great cuts from across the gamut — I’m talking from soul to indie rock — with this MC adding a lil’ flair. The first two leaks feature Intuition going in over Grizzly Bear’s fantastic “Two Weeks” and Mayer Hawthorne’s silky “Make Her Mine”. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts. And, of course, check back soon to get the full project.

Download: Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” f. Intuition [Right Click Save-As]
Download: Mayer Hawthorne – “Make Her Mine” f. Intuition [Right Click Save-As]

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  1. Jones and Frank….hi. i usually try not to respond to blog comments, but oh well. you’re both right, i was not technically “featured” (the subtext of the album title is “A Collection of UNAUTHORIZED Collaborations featuring Intuition”), and this project is not really a mixtape at all. It is 11 free verses that I’m putting out over songs that I really love. It’s a way to show people that already know who I am what kind of music i listen to, and it’s a way to show people who don’t know who I am that I can sound okay next to some of their favorite bands. I just put out a record called “Girls Like Me” this is the dawn of the 24 second news cycle, so i want to stay on the radar, and I made this project in a month while the record was getting mixed and mastered to stay sane. It’s a blatantly gimmicky idea, I’m not trying to hide that at all, but you know what? it’s kinda working.

  2. Love Intuition’s beats…keep it up

  3. Tobias James Weezerbeef|

    The way this guy raps is straight garbage

  4. Good work. I enjoy everything he puts out in his music and beats.

  5. While I can see where you’re both coming from, I just see it as Intuition having some fun and showing love for music he likes outside of hip-hop.

  6. @Jones Ahahah good call. The guy can rap, but this might be the laziest mixtape ever. Potholes almost makes it sound poetic though, well spun.

  7. DonĀ“t you have to be invited to actually be counted as being *featured*?

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