Download Etta Bond’s New Solo Offering ‘#CoolUrbanNewTalent’

etta-bond-cool-urban-new-talentEtta Bond continually pushes the (often limiting and stifling) boundaries currently surrounding  the contemporary “Urban” scene in the UK. She has a number of notable previous releases worth mentioning. 2012’s Emergency Room project, a free download that features a slew of quality tracks and the production of Odd Child label-mate Raf Riley has an intimidatingly-hard hitting sound that leaves the listener’s heads spinning. Their 2013 follow-up, MEDS, was far more relaxed but equally entertaining.

Enter 2014’s #CoolUrbanNewTalent, which is Etta’s account of modern-day life. Production on the five-track free download comes from Bond’s long time collaborator, Raf Riley, and Chris Loco. An enjoyable, soulful journey seen through Etta’s eyes, it leads me to feel that Etta Bond is the truth.

Download it here and enjoy!

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