Download DJCHAP’s Footwork-Filled ‘Amaneci’ EP

djchap-amaneciWe’ve featured the work of the indie label TAR before, and today, we bring you something new from them. It’s by DJCHAP, and the three-track project (like all of TAR’s releases) is called Amaneci. It’s juke music. And like most juke music it doesn’t make you nod your head in a normal manner. It’s like you’re saying no non-verbally a lot listening to something like this. There’s a lot of kicks and snares that sometimes hit before or after you’re expecting them, and it’s perfectly fine. It works. And if you want proof of that, you could always listen first to my favorite track of the three, “BATTLEROOM.” But try the other two as well.

You can stream the EP below and grab it here.

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