Download: Dam-Funk’s ‘Tranquil Funk’ Cassette From 1994

Download: Dam-Funk’s ‘Tranquil Funk’ Cassette From 1994

dam-funk-cassetteYesterday, Dam-Funk reached way into his vaults to share the circa 1990 jam “Hope“, which showed that dude’s clearly been talented for longer than most of us realize. And today, he’s at it again with a free download/stream of selections from his uber-rare Tranquil Funk cassette that he made in ’94. The eight-track release was composed entirely by Dam, except for the guest vocals from Suzanne on “It’s Only You”.

As he tends to do, the L.A. funk maestro shared some thoughts on the release via his Soundcloud:

Recorded in 1994 in my bedroom, this is: “Tranquil Funk”; which was a 16 track cassette tape only given out 2 close friends & associates in my Pasadena, Ca. neighborhood, without any intentions of getting a ‘record deal’ or any of the sort. I was just doing what I love: Music.

At this time in my life I was very young in the mind (via the ‘immature use’ of the ‘N’ word, in ‘some’ of these tracks & a word I NEVER will use in ‘my own personal music’ ever again), yet musically advanced amongst my peers. This ‘limited time only’ FREE DOWNLOAD is a snapshot in time, in relation 2 my story & origins within this music game.

You know what to do. Hit play and/or download below.

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