Download: Clipping’s Noisy, Insane ‘Midcity’ Album

Download: Clipping’s Noisy, Insane ‘Midcity’ Album

clipping-midcityHave you ever listened to B L A C K I E or Death Grips and found it too abrasive, especially vocally? Well, that’s OK, because Los Angeles outfit Clipping are here to blow out you eardrums with harsh noise and more straightforward vocals. Their new project Midcity is equal parts distorted insanity and pretty goddamn solid rhymes. Frontman Daveed Diggs has the technical, double-time stuff down (and then some) and he flows effortlessly atop over-driven synths and drums. This is as raw as boom-bap gets, y’all, and if any of this has intrigued you, just hit play below and enjoy.

Download: Clipping – Midcity [Bandcamp]


  1. Anonyoman
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 05:57:00

    I’m sold

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