Download Brock Berrigan’s Sample-Flipping Beat Tape ‘Backwards Blues’

brock-berrigan-backwards-bluesBrock Berrigan‘s Backwards Blues: Quick, say that five times fast. Did you do it? Really? Really? Come on, don’t bullsh-t me (no Arnold). Fine, you did it and that’s great, but are you still reading this? Great, because you’re about to be put on to one hell of a gifted sample-flippin’ producer.

Berrigan is a man who knows his lane and tends to stick in it, and it’s one that finds him diving into crates and turning source material on its head to create boom-bappy neck-snappers. There are also a gang of movie quotes on here to make the tracks that much more entertaining, like the Space Balls bit on “The Story Unfolds” that had me loling pretty hard.

You can download and/or stream Backwards Blues below.

Download: Brock Berrigan – Backwards Blues [Bandcamp]

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