Download Black EL’s Great New EP ‘L_ST’

black-el-l_stBlack EL has returned with a brand spankin’ new EP for your listening pleasure—and it’s really freakin’ good. The entire project was produced by Durkin and Victor Radz, with SXMPLELIFE as the only exception on the boards for “Indigo.” L_ST opens up with “Olde English 800,” a smooth, vibe-filled track that features his rapping ability as well as his singing side, adding up for a well-rounded and refreshing taste to kick off the project. Things pick up with the second track,  “Golden Child,” and it feature a more upbeat verbal attack from Black EL; it kinda grabbed me by the collar after I settled into the melodic sounds of the first track, but in a good way. “Do Not Disturb” arrives next and features buzzing Bostonian Michael Christmas, which is especially dope because it’s not the type of production I’m used to hearing him on, though it’s tight nonetheless.

L_ST progresses nicely from there on and closes with “Fung Wah,” which almost sounds like something PartyNextDoor would produce/rap over, though EL definitely makes it his own. Altogether, this is a stellar drop from the rising Boston artist, and frankly I’m excited for more.

You can hear the project below and download it here.

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