Download Alchemist’s “Diagnosis” Audio Collage Featuring Action Bronson

alchemist-diagnosisFollowing the release of his project with Boldy James, Alchemist is back with something a lil’ different. “Diagnosis” is best described as an audio collage or an EP compressed into a single track that runs for nearly eight and a half minutes. It’s a mostly instrumental affair filled with sample flips of old Coca-Cola commercials, though frequent Al collaborator Action Bronson stops by for a quick verse halfway through “Diagnosis”. If you’re wondering what all the coke imagery is about, it turns out that this is a collaboration with Dr. Romanelli. He’s an L.A.-based designer who recently teamed with Coca-Cola for a new capsule collection, which you can learn more about at the L.A. Times.

You can stream and/or download “Diagnosis” below.

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  1. This is pretty strange, but also funky.

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