Download: Adjaman’s ‘Sound Particles’ and ‘Aether’ EPs

Download: Adjaman’s ‘Sound Particles’ and ‘Aether’ EPs

We got hipped to the jazzy, wavy sounds of Parisian producer Adjaman when we saw that he collaborated with one of our own. He teamed up with Potholes Music’s vhvl for “Lve Hngovr“, a track that is suspiciously left off of both of Adjaman’s new EPs. Instead, we get to hear an alternate collab with vhvl, “Dstnce”, and a slew of other tracks. In total, you get to hear 14 new cuts across Sound Particles and Aether, both of which are equally ill and head nod-inducing.

Download: Adjaman – Sound Particles [Bandcamp]

Download: Adjaman – Aether [Bandcamp]

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