Download A Tribe Called Quest & The Pharcyde Mashup Project ‘Bizarre Tribe’

A yes yes, y’all, and you JUST DON’T STOP. That’s what I wanted to shout this morning when I woke up to Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to the Pharcyde sitting in my inbox. For those that don’t know, the project is a “mash-up” of beats and rhymes from A Tribe Called Quest and the Pharcyde. It’s handled by Amerigo Gazaway, of Gummy Soul, who famously made that Fela Kuti and De La Soul project, Fela Soul, last year. Yeah, if you heard that project, than you already know what it is. Stream/download it below. <3

Download: Amerigo Gazaway – Bizarre Tribe [Bandcamp]

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7 thoughts on “Download A Tribe Called Quest & The Pharcyde Mashup Project ‘Bizarre Tribe’

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  1. New Pharcyde tour video…peep it out yall

  2. Brand new song from Frank Friction aka Bootie Brown called “Satisfied”. Check it out!!!

  3. Pharcyde released their accapellas- Tribe didn’t. Also, you must of not heard the full album- the last track has one of the few Tribe vocals that are available.

  4. smooth but not one tribe vocal even though pharcyde only had a few memorable tracks, disappointing.

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