Listen to Donwill and Dash Speaks’ Joint Project, ‘Don Speaks’

don-speaks-artIn case you missed my post praising their tough single “Ape Shit,” let me introduce y’all to Don Speaks. It’s the duo of fellow Brooklynites Donwill and Dash Speaks, the former of whom you likely know as one half of Tanya Morgan. If you’re a regular in NYC, though, chances are you have run into Dash at one his sets around town. If not, well, there’s no better time than the present to get familiar with his work as a producer, as he’s laced Donwill with a slew of gritty beats to rock over.

Their project together, Don Speaks, features eight cuts from the duo, who is joined by Fat Tony, Spec Boogie, and several others. If you have enjoyed Don’s work as part of Tanya Morgan or one of his many solid solo efforts, you damn well better be listening to Don Speaks already. As for everyone else, I suggest you do the same.

You can stream the EP below, buy it on iTunes, and download it for free on their Facebook.

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