DJ Quik – The Book of David

DJ Quik – The Book of David
Mad Science: 2011

Alongside his Compton peers like Dre and Eazy-E, DJ Quik never really stood in the forefront of the early 90’s rap scene. The stigma of being the most underrated producer/rapper from the West Coast has managed to stick with him in spite of his thriving career stretching over two decades. Except unlike contemporaries like Dre, DJ Quik actually releases music, consistently great music too. His first solo effort since 2005, The Book of David is no exception, and he knows it.

Opening with “Fire and Brimstone”, a voice tells us “you’re going to like this” before the broken drum line stumbles in and kicks off the album on a high note. Through the entirety of the project Quik shows his diversity as a producer while never losing his touch behind the mic. On “Killer Dope”, Quik boasts about his ability on the piano while joking “Your hair is falling out/My hair is growing in/I put my hair in curls/You put yours in the garbage bin.”

The album marks a return to the norm sonically from previous projects. Drifting back from the occasional electronic influences from BlaQKout, The Book of David relies largely on live instrumentation and loops that revive the soulful West Coast g-funk Quik is known for.

The Book of David is a strong, cohesive, and truly enjoyable album from Quik. It’s 56 minutes of West Coast rap that doesn’t fail to impress, just in time for the weather to break. Play it at your block party. Roll your car windows down and blast it in the summer warmth. Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy one of the game’s greatest in top form continuing to produce quality rap music.

[audio:|titles=DJ Quik – Killer Dope]
4 out of 5

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  1. Ayup & Amen to this here.

  2. BlogsInMyPothole|

    Solid album. Nice review.

  3. Army of garden Nomes|

    I dig this shit.

  4. Always good to hear quality hip hop.

  5. David Reyneke|

    This album is funky as shit.

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