DJ Muggs – Sound Boy Killa [EP]

DJ Muggs – Sound Boy Killa [EP]


DJ Muggs, the legendary producer of Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins head honcho, has been tucked in his studio as of late putting the finishing touches for his next full length, Bass For Your Face. After hearing Muggs preview his version of dubstep in “Wicked” (with Chuck D and Jared) and “Snap Ya Neck Back” (with Dizzie Rascal and Bambu), Muggs has returned with more electronic madness in his Sound Boy Killa EP and mixed in a few dancehall vocal samples this time. My opinion on dubstep has always been up in the air but what DJ Muggs has been doing has always bumped for some reason that I cannot explain.

Check out Sound Boy Killa below, let us know what you think and be on the look out for DJ Muggs next album, Bass For Your Face.

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