Listen to Dex Amora & Goldenbeets’ Ill New Single “manym00ns”

Listen to Dex Amora & Goldenbeets’ Ill New Single “manym00ns”

dex-amora-many-moonsDon’t call it a throwback. That word induces a cringe more often than not (especially in reference to rap) because why try to do what’s already been done before? But I’m all for music that captures an era, nails a feeling so completely, that it feels as fresh as it did decades ago. That’s what this new single from Dex Amora and Goldenbeets does. You got your boom-bapping drums, you got your lopsided piano loops, you got your Pete Rock-ish echoing horn blasts, you got your wise-beyond-his-years 20-year-old penning crisp raps and delivering with a silkworm spin. What more do you want? Keep your eyes and ears open for Dex and company to kill shit with a full-length in a few weeks.

You can hear “manym00ns” below. [via]

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    very nice!

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