Denitia & Sene – “Again. (New Ride.)”

denitia sene Denitia & Sene   Again. (New Ride.)Pushing the limits of minimalism (and punctuation) yet again, Denitia and Sene unleash their latest piece of work, “again. (new ride.)”. With each and every leak, it appears these two use less and less instrumentation, all the while finding a way to paint lush soundscapes. While previous efforts between Denitia and Sene have featured Denitia solely on vocals, Sene finds a way to slip in on this track as well. And it works out quite well, actually, as he decides to sing along with Denitia instead of go against the grain with raps.

There still isn’t any word on an official project, but we look forward to more random Soundcloud leaks like this in the future. Stream “again. (new ride.)” below.

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