Listen to Deniro Farrar & Denzel Curry’s Ominous New Collaboration “Feel Like That”

deniro-farrar-denzel-curry-feel-like-thatNothing is worse than those entitled hip-hop fans who claim the genre is “dead” or that “real” hip-hop needs to make a comeback. There is no shortage of talented up-and-coming artists developing their own lanes and improving on the paths paved by previous greats. Two artists who come to mind are Deniro Farrar and Denzel Curry, both of whom are poised to leap into the limelight this coming year and will more than likely make a push for XXL’s coveted “Freshman” status.

The two talented upstarts recently kicked off a nationwide tour that will visit every corner of the United States. They decided to drop off a captivating new record in celebration of the “Bow Down Tour” with the tune “Feel Like That,” which finds Farrar and Curry effortlessly flowing throughout the haunting Lana Del Rey-sampled record. They perfectly complement each other with their ominous voices and unique, in-your-face flows. The energy of their latest offering is evident and makes one want to purchase a ticket when they stop in your respective city.

Listen to “Feel Like That” below.

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  1. BertMaclinFBI|

    It takes all of 2 seconds to figure out whether a beat is going to match Deniro’s vibe, this was awesome

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