DELS – Gob

DELS – Gob
Big Dada: 2011

I’m a huge fan of UK hip hop. I grew up on the sounds of artists like London Posse and Gunshot. I had (and still have) a real love for progressive and interesting music, especially when it was being made by people living in my country of origin, talking about issues I can relate to. DELS is a new name to me, I had never heard of him before listening to his debut single: “Shapeshift”, a few months ago. DELS rhymes with ease. His smooth vocals effortlessly stick to every one of the 11 tracks offered on the Gob debut full-length released on the UK-based Big Dada.

From the jump DELS sets the pace for the album. “Hydronenburg”’s bouncing bass with galloping drums makes for a head nodding gem. “Trumpalump” is pretty much more of the same, computer sounds and head nod beats, with Del-boy coming over as an energetic rhymer with wily verses and wordplay. My only criticism would be that the first five or six tracks on the album sound pretty similar, the production becomes slightly formulaic and maybe even a little predictable. DELS’ label mate Roots Manuva makes a vocal appearance on “Capsize”. Flexing his muscles and controlling the chaotic banging beat with style and finesse.

DELS covers a number of subjects during the album; self-examination and reflection, his experiences with bullying and even the sensitive topics of child abuse and rape. I think that overall this album shows the beginnings of a very promising career. DELS is a competent rhymer with obvious talent and skill. Maybe some variety in Gob’s beat department would spice things up a little more, and make things a little less predictable. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him. I’d say his future’s bright!

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Anderson_m1|

    where can i get the full LP?

  2. Some really awesome tracks on this album. Nice review.

  3. Nice. Love this LP.

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