Daytrip’s “Up to the Crime” Video Tells A Transparent Tale of Gun Trafficking

Daytrip’s “Up to the Crime” Video Tells A Transparent Tale of Gun Trafficking


Cocaine, assault rifles, DJ sets and gun trafficking fill every frame of Daytrip’s “Up to the Crime” visual with action-packed, pulsating energy. Although entertaining, the video serves a greater purpose. Vybz Kartel, a Jamaican dance hall artist and the vocalist behind the original song, received life imprisonment just last year for a 2011 murder. This striking, honest piece speaks to the explicit and implicit dangers of firearms violence and trade.

Daytrip, needless to say a gifted duo poised to become a production powerhouse, revamp the original’s dirt-stricken soundscape; the duo released their fresh take last summer, and it still stands strong. Pieces of the video take advantage of DenZ and Hugh Crosby’s flair. Toward the clip’s tail-end, during the club scene, we see a crime ring (or undercover cops) catch on to the protagonist and assemble. At that moment, the beat dives deep into an EQ’d pool of tension, transitioning to a street-spanning chase.

Here lives a disheartening story experienced by hundreds of thousands. That we witness its development, from beginning to end, makes it all the more powerful. Director Act Natural doesn’t let any chance to impact the audience slip away, beyond the frame.

You can watch “Up to the Crime” below and follow Daytrip on Twitter. Shouts to FADER for the premiere.

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