Dark Time Sunshine – “A Walk In The Park” [Potholes Premiere]

Dark Time Sunshine — the duo of rapper Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala — return on July 24 with a new album, ANX, that dives into feelings of anxiety both lyrically and sonically. You’ll be able to hear the pressure weighing on both of their shoulders throughout the emotionally strained verses and beats. It’s not all dark themes, though, as they also address the feeling of overcoming the anxiety and embracing pure happiness in the end.

And today we’re proud to premiere a B-side off ANX in “A Walk in the Park”, a highly engaging joint from Ozzborn and Zavala that cries out for repeated listens. At first blush, you might find yourself lost in the narrative-heavy rhymes or the free-flowing production, both of which deserve equal attention. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spinning this one back several times; we did, too.

You can download and stream “A Walk in the Park” below. Additionally, you can also grab the new Fake Four label sampler for free here. Happy Thursday, indeed.

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  1. DTS Killin it!

  2. woodsey1207|

    Whoa. These MFers…

  3. Waxfondlr|

    Dope as FUCK.. Dts for life

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