Danny Brown – “Radio Head”

Magnetic Detroit emcee Danny Brown released this track via his twitter feed Saturday morning, which subsequently popped with accolade RTs interspersed with casual banter with hard as nails manager and Detroit hip-hop ambassador Hex Murda. Since Danny dropped his free debut album The Hybrid in 2010, the light at the end of this up and coming emcee’s tunnel has been getting a lot closer now that the major mags are lined up miles long to co-sign this self proclaimed “internet rapper.” And both Danny and I don’t mean that derogatorily.  If you’re following the scalp scratching successes of Lil B and OFWGKTA (who, in addition to being phenomenal musical talents are also social media masterminds), then you know “internet rapper” is pretty much the hottest thing to be these days. But enough of the context, because it’s really Samiyam’s 8-bit production and Danny’s line about his lady being “wetter than whale piss” that was the true sun of my Saturday.

Stream “Radio Head” below.

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  1. How is this 8-bit production? 8-bit is like NES sounds.

  2. King Tyrone|

    “worthless like cursive” is a great line

  3. Kara-Lis Coverdale|

    For sure, also the bit about Edison & knockin ya’ lights out!

  4. Nice to hear someone rapping on a Samiyam beat. Huge bonus that it’s Danny Brown (and yeah, the whale piss line is the highlight!).

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