Danny Brown & Johnson&Jonson – It’s A Art [Mixtape]

So here’s how this story goes: Back in 2010, Danny Brown dropped a slew of free material including the It’s A Art mixtape that found him collaborating with Mainframe and Blu, aka Johnson&Jonson. The West Coast duo handled the production while Brown, of course, rapped his ass off for around 36 minutes. But since then, we’ve heard rumblings of a different project from these guys called Danny Johnson.

In fact, Blu even told us that Danny Johnson would be coming out reasonably soon when we spoke with him recently. But according to Danny, that’s simply not the case. He took to his Bruiser Brigade Tumblr last night to make the following note about the hubbub:

The “Danny Johnson album” was actually released back in 2010 under the name “Its A Art” and has been available on the web for free since then. Don’t be mistaken, none of these releases are new material but i guess if you haven’t heard it its new to you. Enjoy!

Welp, I guess that about sums it up. It’s a shame that we won’t be hearing any new material from Danny and Johnson&Jonson, but at least this will most likely be new to most of you.

Download: Danny Brown & Johnson&Jonson – It’s A Art [Hulkshare]

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  1. blu y u no rap.

  2. I’ve had this for at least a year and had no idea Blu and Mainframe were involved.

  3. Blu is pissing every1 off with his shit lol

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