Danny Brown – “Change” P. Johnson&Jonson

As it was revealed in our interview yesterday, Danny Brown, Blu and Mainframe have completed a collaborative album together. They are calling themselves Danny Johnson, as the project will feature raps from Mr. Brown and production from Blu and Mainframe (Johnson&Jonson). Our first taste of their collaborative efforts comes by way of “Change”, which features a lethargic beat, accompanied by even more lethargic raps from Danny. Seriously, it hardly even sounds like the Danny Brown we have come to know and love on most recent tracks. But that doesn’t mean it is any worse. It is just, well, different. I guess that is why they are calling this “Change”. [via]

Anyway, Danny Johnson have an entire album coming soon on New World Order. Give their first single a spin right here.

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  1. Yea Danny tweeted that it’s shady they just dropped this

  2. Booooo, but still like the track.

  3. So smooth. Love this.

  4. 2yrs after I was told about the project. Chea!

  5. This is old, off the “It’s a Art” mixtape. Guess they’re re-releasing..

  6. DAMN

    chilled out

  7. “Mysterious Vibes” sample? Barely recognized Danny, but props for something different

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