D’Angelo Dropping New Album In September?

As ill as that video of D’Angelo covering Funkadelic was, we’re a lil’ more excited about this other revelation stemming from his interview with GQ. Apparently the comeback kid is ready to drop his new album in SEPTEMBER. Now, we’ve heard rumors/rumblings like this before, so it’s hard to get absolutely bat-shit insane over this. But c’mon, don’t act like you haven’t seen the live video from his European gigs and not lost your mind, too.

Here’s the relevant snippet from the interview:

So when will he release his new album? D can’t say for sure. His managers and his label are pushing hard for September, before the Grammy deadline. But nobody’s banking on it. Sounding like a man who’s all too familiar with D-time, Tom Corson, RCA’s president and COO, says simply, “This year would be nice.” In mid-April, D and his band are back in the studio, this time in Los Angeles, supposedly adding the final touches. But everything hinges on D letting the music go.

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  1. It’s still possible! 🙁

  2. I want the new D’Angelo record as much as anybody, but it pretty clearly says in that quote that the record is almost certainly not coming out in September. Even with other people pushing for a September release, D’Angelo doesn’t seem at all ready to drop the album in September.

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