D’Angelo Announces Long-Awaited New Album ‘Black Messiah’

D’Angelo Announces Long-Awaited New Album ‘Black Messiah’

D'angeloAfter numerous delays it looks like we’re finally closer to getting a new album from D’Angelo. Earlier this year he did a RBMA lecture and speculated new music was on the way, but obviously we’ve heard that before. According to Rolling Stone, we’ve learned there’s a new album on the way titled Black Messiah with a listening session this Sunday in NYC, with acclaimed writer/filmmaker Nelson George.

Black Messiah might be the most ambitious album title since Yeezus. But I digress. There’s also an accompanying YouTube clip which was uploaded yesterday by D’Angelo’s manager’s site which uses the same album title and hashtags #BlackMessiahComingSoon

In the 16 second YouTube clip we hear brief soundbites from a Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad speech, a preacher discussing Black Jesus, more black and white imagery, and the words “Coming Soon” at the end. It’s safe to say we’ll get more information about the album from the aforementioned listening session. For now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed for new music from D’Angelo.

You can stream the Black Messiah clip below:

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