Dahlia Black – “F*ck A Rap Song” [Video]

Dahlia Black – “F*ck A Rap Song” [Video]

Dahlia BlackDahlia Black is made up of Blue Daisy and Hey!Zeus, two artists who are just now jumping on our radar. Our first taste of their output comes by way of “Fuck A Rap Song”, a demonic bottom-feeder that comes from the deepest dungeons of rap music. The production, while minimalist at first glance, thrives off percussion change-ups and heavy bass.  Mix that with the best whispering raps this side of the Ying Yang Twins and what you have hear is damn near flawless execution.

Oh, did we mention the visuals are provided by none other than RUFFMERCY. Is this dude killing it on the animation front, or what? Watch the video for “Fuck A Rap Song” below.


  1. deinemudda
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 16:43:00

    Hey!Zeus of Obba Supa fame?

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