Download Creature In The Woods’ Fantastic New Self-Titled EP

It’s rare that a song that hits my inbox gets written about. It’s not because I’m some elitist jerkface who shuns independent voices, but because of the sheer volume of “CHECK OUT THIS NEW SONG NOW!! <SO HOT” emails I receive daily. And, heck, to be honest a lot of them are pretty terrible. Plus, I’m a hunter type. I’m more adept at finding good music than taking some public relations guy’s word for it. But, once I heard Creature In The Woods‘ self-titled debut EP, I knew I stumbled upon something really good.

When I was sent this EP, I read its description, “Blending electronic, hiphop, down-tempo, & dance….If you enjoy the sounds of SBTRKT, Flying Lotus…you’ll love this release,” and I’m thinking. “Boy, that sure sounds great, but I’ve heard that same description a million times before. Well here goes nothing.” Press play. “Huh, this is pretty good.” 30 seconds in. “Damn. This is dope!”

Now, I’m not sure if I can say that this is at all like Flying Lotus, because it’s not, but as soon as I hit play I hit replay and wouldn’t stop listening the EP’s four quick tracks. The really good: “Beneath The Sun” featuring singer Elisa Coia reminds me a lot of SBTRKT’s “Wildfire.”  The good: “Centuries” has this engaging tubular synth backdrop that complements LV’s casual flow. The bad: It’s only four tracks long. I want more.

The scoop: It’s free and it’s really good. Listen to this one.

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