Cozz Meets High Expectations With “Knock the Hustle”


When South Central rapper Cozz signed to Dreamville some weeks ago, we only had a handful of tracks to judge the deal by. One of those songs, “Dreams,” possessed the type of power some veteran artists haven’t once touched throughout their career. Innate tonal strength and a sharp portrayal of the streets from which he hails left the burgeoning emcee with tall expectations to live up to.

Thankfully, today confirms our prior sentiments about Cozz: he’s here to stay. “Knock the Hustle” is slightly subdued in comparison to the aforementioned single, but its creator’s hunger once more pervades the music. The Que-produced beat’s boom bap base underlies a lingering horn arrangement and subtle pianos, swirling about.

“You see the charts on the table/fuck getting signed, but we probably start a label”

Stream “Knock the Hustle” below and follow Cozz on Twitter. Read our Rap Convos feature about Cozz here. Cozz & Effect is coming soon.

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  1. dude is good…him n coss should do a track

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