Courtship – Eve Remixes [EP]

Courtship – Eve Remixes [EP]

courtship eve remixes Courtship   Eve Remixes [EP]Courtship has appeared on Potholes in the past when he released an R&B cover, an EP, and a remix of a Clams Casino track and now his Eve EP gets the remix treatment itself.┬áThe tracks “Housed” and “Want Not” each get remixed twice and the end result of the four song EP are a lot of post-dubstep vibes. Voice samples get stretched by pitch shifts like the famous cartoon plumber’s face was tugged by a white glove in Super Mario 64. Each track was touched by a different producer, but the mood that the whole gives off could flunk an “Am I Depressed?” worksheet. That’s how good melancholic music should sound. [via]

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Download: Courtship – Eve Remixes [Bandcamp]

Courtship – Eve Remixes by Courtship

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