Listen: Cory Jreamz Ponders The Price Of “Freedom” On New Single

cory-jreamz-floatingIt’s not easy to combine trunk-punishing production with thoughtful, albeit not contrived, lyricism. Basically, when you’re rapping over an instrumental that sounds like it’s going to make your speakers explode, it’s easy to just rap about anything but important topics. But Houston’s Cory Jreamz isn’t the type to let a banger just be, well, a banger. That’s apparent on his latest single, “Freedom,” which he contributed production to alongside Monte Molotov and BeatKnox.

The track couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time, too. He premiered it over at The FADER on Aug. 13, which was several days into the protests (and escalating tension) centering on the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. Seeing how “Freedom” was likely recorded before Brown was shot down in the street, Jreamz didn’t get the chance to reference the young man’s name in his verses. It’s likely he would have, though, considering he name drops the equally tragic Sean Bell shooting that occurred back in November 2006.

You can stream “Freedom” below and download it here.

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