Concert Review: Lords Of The Underground (Harper’s Ferry)

Old school hip-hop heads are sure to be familiar with the name Lords Of The Underground, the trio from Newark. Back in 1993, right around the time that gangsta-rap was about to hit hard, Lords, or LOTUG as they are often referred to, dropped their socially conscious debut LP, Here Come The Lords, after a string of huge hits put them on to even the most average rap fans. They failed to keep their momentum going after 3 more releases, and somewhat faded out of mainstream (and even underground) relevance. However, Here Come The Lords still stands as a classic early 90s east coast debut, and cements LOTUG’s legacy in hip-hop.

Opening for LOTUG was a series of at least seven different artists from the Boston area. I won’t go through them all, but there were some high-(and low)-lights among them. Among the best of the opening acts was actually the very first opener, Plan B. I had never heard of him or even seen his name around, and furthermore he has a very unassuming stage presence. DJ Emoh kicked the beats for all the opening acts, which for Plan B were very nice – nothing far too elaborate, yet energetic enough to move the few people actually paying attention. Beside the beats, Plan B can really rap. He has good flow, delivery, and a surprising vocabulary that all led to a highly creative set of songs.

Another shining spot in the opening acts was Los Wunder Twins Del Rap, which I believe were from Lowell, MA. They were a pair of like-minded emcees, very reminiscent of older Beastie Boys. Basically they were just all about having a good time and going crazy, but they really held it down, and they brought great energy.

Finally LOTUG came on, bumping “Here Come The Lords” to begin, which was fitting since it’s also the opening track from their most popular LP to date. Mr. Funke and DoltAll Dupré rocked the crowd which grew immediately. They kicked major hits, “Tic Toc,” “Funky Child,” “Check It,” (which they let us know was their first ever song to record) and a few more, mostly from Here Come The Lords. Then they stopped the music and called up from the crowd “a man who is hugely important to Boston.” Then Michael Bivins (Boston native, member of Bell, Biv, Devoe, and New Edition) made his way to the front, along with his security and proceeded to sing/rap his hit single, “Poison” which the whole place loved and sang along to. LOTUG kept the crowd banging with their final and arguably best track, “Chief Rocka.” Overall, it was a good show, but the limited set from LOTUG, and enormous opening act lineup kept it from being great.

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  1. Hearing “Poison” live would probably make my life.

  2. Sir Alistair|

    No doubt! Being from Boston that was definitely one of if not the top highlight of the show. Chief Rocka was fire too!

  3. I can’t believe Michael Bivins came out and performed ‘Poison” I’m so jealous! That track literally never gets old. Seeing LOTUG do “chief rocka” & “funky child” would’ve been dope

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