Concert Review: Dark Dark Dark at The Met in Pawtucket, RI (10/10/12)

Concert Review: Dark Dark Dark at The Met in Pawtucket, RI (10/10/12)

Dark Dark Dark, the Minneapolis/New Orleans-based quintet, excels in exploring the grey-shaded sides of things. The group swoons and swells behind bittersweet ballads and lilting melodies, singing their heartbreak because it probably beats talking about it.

On one of the early stops on their lengthy national tour, the band made an enchanting evening out of a windy and rainy Wednesday night in New England, transposing much of their gorgeous new album Who Needs Who into a subdued live setting.

There is a lot of heartache that comes through on Who Needs Who. Fighting through a breakup between two band members, fatigue from endless touring, and being split between two cities, it definitely appears the group took the advice of Neil Gaiman to heart. They made good art.

The group looks numerous on stage, but the sounds, instrumentation and musicality that pours from the five musicians is impressive. It allows the jazzy piano tinkling of “It’s A Secret” to spill out like a drink on its side, and affords for the lush, multi-part harmonies of “The Great Mistake” to ring truthfully.

The songs are warm and well-orchestrated, but singer Nona Marie Invie’s words pack the most punch. With lyrics that touch on her dissolved relationship, she paints lifelike pictures, some with clarity, some with soft corners. They invite inspection and introspection, and shed light in some murky corners, but always with care and craft.

Dark Dark Dark continue their national tour through the fall and there is no better time to see them.

Photo via Flickr user Abertish.

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