Concert Review: Danny Brown at The Met in Pawtucket, RI (5/10/13)

danny-brown-live-blueEighteen months ago, I caught Danny Brown live for the first time. Opening for Das Racist, Brown played to a half-interested crowd of about 30. Last Friday, the Hybrid took the same stage as the headliner to a raucous crowd that had to be in the hundreds. It was representative of a rapid ascendancy following nearly a decade of relative anonymity. So the chipped-tooth smile on the face of the thirty-two year-old artist represented not only the ecstasy of rocking a sweaty, soaked and “turnt-up” crowd, but also a sense of relief that this finally his time. And based on the quality of the new material, when Old drops later this year, it will be his spot for a while.

Resplendent in an all-black T-shirt, all-black athletic shorts and what looked like adidas x Jeremy Scott wings sneakers, Danny took the mic and launched into “Jealousy”, a druggy, spacey tune buoyed by a Biggie sample. From there, he hit on a share of new songs and his most memorable features from the past year. Not surprisingly, the songs from XXX caused the biggest commotions, but the closing combo of “Kush Coma” (a sleeper hit that sounded absolutely awesome at this point in the night) and “Express Yourself” (featuring the ladies in the audience dancing on stage) the crowd practically floated out of the arena.

Set list:

  • “Jealousy”
  • “Wit It”
  • “Molly Ringwald”
  • “Black Brad Pitt”
  • “Toxic”
  • “Blueberry”
  • “Radio Song”
  • “Lie4”
  • “I Will”
  • “Dope Song”
  • “Dip”
  • “Bruiser Brigade”
  • “Piss Test -> “4 Loko”
  • “Terrorist Threats”
  • “Monopoly”
  • “Blunt After Blunt”
  • “Kush Coma”
  • “Express Yourself”





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  1. Cool. was debating on whether to hit up the show tomorrow. I saw him open for Das Racist too and he was the best act IMO. Wish he would perform “Grown Up” though

  2. No, just the opposite. The crowd loved every minute of it and left happily exhausted. Sorry for any ambiguity

  3. What exactly does “floated out” mean? Did they not enjoy it?

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