Compton Chic – “Miserere”

Compton Chic – “Miserere”

compton-chic-cryingIt is the duty of the first 15 or so seconds of a song to attract the listener; to entice them, right? Time is valuable, so why should one waste time on a song that one can’t get attached to right out of the gate, right? Compton Chic understands this dilemma and fights to combat it in her newly released single “Miserere” off her #CRYING EP, set to be released on Feb. 26 on Live for the Funk’s Our Sounds imprint.

Perhaps I’m just posing those questions because I’m a busy listener with a lot of music coming across my Soundcloud dashboard, but with an anonymous voice saying “I’m so cold” over a soft, elemental sound, it was easy for me to get roped into this track. Additionally, the tropical drums complement the instrumental, laced with snares and high pitched vocal samples, perfectly. Nothing about the track fundamentally makes sense, but it all comes together in such a beautiful fashion that I’m perfectly okay with the unorthodox.

In my first time ever listening to Compton Chic, it is quite obvious to me that she is a phenomenal producer, and she is also a very talented singer according to LFTF, saying that some tracks on the EP will feature her original vocals. Regardless, Compton Chic is definitely going to make a mark with #CRYING, and bravo to LFTF for bringing such a talent to the surface.

Even when Compton Chic decides to display her own voice on tracks, which happens a few times throughout the EP, the results are inherently visceral—showcasing her diverse talents on the most bare and basic level and leaving it all on the line.

Stay tuned for the EP.

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