Common & Vince Staples Join Forces For “Kingdom”

Common & Vince Staples Join Forces For “Kingdom”

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A six-minute onslaught of thought-provoking rhymes has hit the internet in full force today, and we owe its creators a collective, warm thank you. Chicagoan gatekeeper and inspirational emcee Common came through with rapidly rising rapper Vince Staples to contest the current rulers of the kingdom and retrieve the castle keys.

Commonly confused as a sweetly smiling rapper-actor far too often, Common sounds like the people’s champ and a voice of observational reason, recounting street tales that pulse with passion. It’s been far too long since we’ve received a full length release from  storied artist (2011’s The Dreamer / The Believer), but this track seems to indicate a worthwhile wait.

“Revenge is supposed to be the Lord’s, but I use my own accord”
“You created me from dust, that’s why I did dirt”

Staples streamlines poetic prose, rapping without theatrics and instead focusing fruitful efforts towards the execution of dense, dynamic lyricism. Needless to say, this Long Beach native has a promising career to look forward to.

“Tryna hop the gate to Heaven ‘cuz I couldn’t get a key”
“Used to take the bullets out so I could play with the revolver”
-Vince Staples

Stream “Kingdom” below. Join us as we anxiously await Nobody’s Smiling, Common’s forthcoming album.

Late last night, Common unveiled the trauma-tinged trailer for “Kingdom”‘s Hype Williams-directed video. You can watch those visuals below.

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  1. Augustus Caius
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 07:10:00

    hallelujah the return of my favourite section

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