Clear Soul Forces Announce New Album ‘Gold PP7’s’, Release Video

clear soul forces gold pp7sDetroit foursome Clear Soul Forces are ready to make their mark with a sophomore studio effort. Titled Gold PP7’s, the Goldeneye tribute will seek a Sept. 17 release date. While we aren’t sure how much the theme will dictate the content on the full-length, we do get our first taste of the project by way of single and accompanying music video, “Ain’t Playin”. The video features all four members in E-Fav, L.A.Z., Noveliss and Illajide properly controlling the stage. Building on slick flows and production that was found on 2012’s Detroit Revolution, Gold PP7’s is shaping up to be a stellar release in itself.

Watch the video for “Ain’t Playin” below. Gold PP7’s drops Sept. 17.

Clear Soul Forces’ Gold PP7’s Track Listing:
1. Continue – Produced by Ilajide
2. Ninja Rap – Produced by Ilajide
3. Beats Rhymes & Life – Produced by Ilajide
4. Freq Freq Featuring Kooley High Produced by Ilajide
5. Sparring Session – Produced by Ilajide
6. War Drums – Produced by Ilajide
7. The Genie – Produced by Ilajide
8. We Be Runnin This – Produced by Dibiase
9. Ain’t Playin – Produced by Ilajide
10. Nuclear Reaction – Produced by Ilajide
11. Eve – Produced by illingsworth
12. Unlimited Bounce – Produced by Nameless
13. Fresh Ta Def – Produced by Ilajide
14. He Say She Say – Produced by Ilajide
15. Solar Heat Produced by Ilajide

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  1. Midday Marauder|

    What makes these cats much superior to the rest of the young pack is that they actually have REAL flow. To be clear, they know how to rap. I’m so tired of all the wacky stoners, suicidals, crack-addict, slowmotion young rappers who pollute my beloved hip-hop these days.

  2. First album was on point… hope they keep it up and this has just as much replay value.

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