Listen to Chuk Le Garcon’s Jazzy New Track “Pike”

Listen to Chuk Le Garcon’s Jazzy New Track “Pike”

chuk-le-garconI don’t know about you, but some of my favorite rap tracks from the past few years are the ones that fly by in a matter of 90 seconds or so. Those quick-fire joints just resonate more these days for me, probably because there is just so much to listen to that a shorter (and properly executed!) cut tends to really stick. Like “Pike,” the latest instrumental affair from producer Chuk Le Garcon.

It’s over before you even know it, clicking in at a mere 72 seconds and basically forcing you to hit the play button over and over. Could he have avoided that by doubling its running time? Sure. But would it have been as effective? I say no, because in my head I’m hearing MF DOOM rap over it on some Madvillainy-interlude-type-shit and I can’t stop grinning.

You can stream/download “Pike” below.

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