Chimurenga Renaissance – “It’s Time 4u2go” [Potholes Video Premiere]


While we are  using are time patiently waiting for another full-length album from Shabazz Palaces, the duo is busy transferring their energy elsewhere from creating out-of-this-world remixes to contributing verses on projects by other fellow acts within the vibrant Seattle music scene.

Tendai Maraire, the band’s multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire who also goes by Baba Maraire, dropped a promo mix with Chief Boima and album under his rapping Chimurenga Renaissance side-project both named Pungwe last year. He has kept the release’s momentum going with visuals featuring his recent visit to Zimbabwe—the homeland of his father, the well-respected musician Dumisani Maraire. “It’s Time 4u2go”, an observant track  from the album depicting the brutal truth about how imperialism is ailing Africa’s people, makes for his newest music video.

Watch “It’s Time 4u2go” below, you can also purchase Pungwe on Amazon.

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