Childish Gambino – “Sweatpants” F. Problem [Video]

childish gambino

Childish Gambino kindly welcomes you into his sans-sanity nightmare with today’s release of the visuals for “Sweatpants”, a standout single from Glover’s gripping sophomore albumĀ Because The Internet. The surreal and existential layers of the video gradually unwind as the convecting, bubbling backdrop hurries forward; Gambino’s pacing increases as the visuals continuously loop, each playback bringing into the frame another carbon copy of the thoughtful artist.

The frightening series of events unfolds in a large diner; Gambino leaves to check his phone (an inclusion that undoubtedly serves as some ode to his album’s title and all that it encompasses) and returns to find his face atop the bodies of friends, waitresses and other customers. The subtle calmness in which these transformations occur only adds to the uncomfortable atmosphere, which later shifts to the tracks outro – a smooth, melancholy segment that finds Glover crooning as characters dance around an illuminated tree.

Watch “Sweatpants” below.

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  1. cherrydropper|

    damn that problem verse tho

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