Childish Gambino Says He Can “Kill” Drake, Kendrick & ScHoolboy Q In New Freestyle

childish gambino

As we approach the one-year anniversary of “Control,” Childish Gambino has made an ambitious claim of his own: neither Drake, Kendrick Lamar nor ScHoolboy Q can best him at making music. The rapping actor fired a gang of shots at his genre’s leaders from a safe distance, calling into question rap’s current power rankings at a show in Sydney, Australia. Glover geared up for a war of words in a seemingly impromptu freestyle, staying afloat the entire time while delivering some energetic rhymes.

Backed by a live band, Gambino’s verbal gesture drew a strong reaction from the crowd, which erupted into a chorus of “ooo”s. “I’m the best rapper, definitely top 5,” Gambino said before threatening to cut the heads off of his competition: “I cut their head off, that’s every rapper living/That’s Kendrick, that’s Drake, that’s ScHoolboy, that’s everyone/I don’t give a fuck, I’ll fuckin’ kill you n****s.” Stay tuned for more news regarding Childish’s bold stance.

6 thoughts on “Childish Gambino Says He Can “Kill” Drake, Kendrick & ScHoolboy Q In New Freestyle

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  1. sebastian|

    dude makes charles hamilton look like biggie

  2. Alex Siber|

    Lol you REALLY seem to hate the guy. I personally think Gambino has improved tremendously and has a lot to offer, but he’s kidding himself on this one

  3. Sebastian|

    Really though? Who else combines godawful rapping with an aggressively outrageous lack of self awareness, and yet actually seems to have some kind of fan base and continued exposure / inexplicable industry support like this dude?

    Yeah there’s plenty of one note rappers out there but most of them who stick around at all at least bring something to the table – charisma, a sense of humor, an ear for beats or riding the zeitgeist of the moment… Something.

    I know dude is supposedly a comedian but he lacks all of the above. It’s truly brutal and the fact he would say this to a fucking Australian crowd no less is an affront to rap.

  4. Pffff. There’s waaaaay wacker rappers… Saying way more ridiculous shit than this. Definitely not Gambinos greatest moment though haha

  5. This is absolutely hilarious lol

  6. sebastian|

    HAHAHA this dude is unfathomably wack. holy shit. anyone who supports this in any way should have their hearing privileges revoked.

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