Chance The Rapper Working With Jeremih and Justin Bieber (!?)

chance the rapper weed shirt Chance The Rapper Working With Jeremih and Justin Bieber (!?)This past June we reported that Chance The Rapper was in the studio with Purity Ring and Jeremih, though we hadn’t heard anything stemming from those sessions. That changed when Jeremih uploaded an Instagram video straight from the studio previewing his and Chance’s track together that, surprise surprise, is sounding pretty damn nice. You can peep that video below, though don’t just hit play and close this post because you’ll want to scroll down…

Update: Remember that video of Chance performing a new song? Apparently that, too, is a collaboration with Jeremih.

As it would turn out, it appears that Chance is working with another artist and it’s one that might surprise you. At around 2:30 or so this afternoon, Justin f_cking Bieber tweeted to the Chicago rapper that “we are next”, to which he replied “it’s so damn good.” I don’t know what to even think about this, other than “Get that paper, Chance” because dude deserves it. I mean, did you have to pay for your copy of Acid Rap? Of course you didn’t.