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Chance The Rapper – “Juice” [Video]

Chance The Rapper – “Juice” [Video]

chance the rapper Chance The Rapper   Juice [Video]You know what’s refreshing? When you hear an artist having fun while making music. That is the first thing I noticed when hearing Chance The Rapper‘s new jam “Juice”. Now, let’s come clean here and say this Chicago rapper isn’t someone we have been following to closely as of late. But this single we have right here is absolutely infectious. While we don’t always commend music for its pure pop appeal, Chance seems to have intertwined mainstream sensibility with innovation and progress. This is no doubt a hip-hop track, but there are also elements of blues spread throughout, as this rising star shouts out “juice” shamelessly in the middle of Times Square. You win, Chance, you are officially on our radar. [via]

Watch the video for “Juice” below. Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap drops soon.

Chance The Rapper Juice Chance The Rapper   Juice [Video]