Canada Caps File-Sharing Fines at $5,000

Canada Caps File-Sharing Fines at $5,000

You see how happy Drake is? You know why he’s cheesing like a goon? It’s because his native land, aka Canada, has made the decision to be sensible (aka not completely insane) with its file-sharing fines. Digital Music News reports that the maximum penalty you can now get for file-sharing is $5,000 with the minimum being $100.

For reference, you can compare that to some cases here in the States. More recently, we reported (and sorta ranted) on that Boston University student who was forced to pay $675,000 for sharing 31 songs. Yeah, fucking absurd.

Here’s some direct text from DMN on Canada’s choice to go for sanity on this topic:

The old body of Canadian law looks familiar to America’s. Canadian infringers, private or commercial, previously faced fines of between $500 and $20,000 – per work – though Modernization means drastic chops in those penalites. But the shift casts a darker light on the US, where a few, multi-year lawsuits have saddled swappers with crippling, multi-hundred thousand dollar debt. These cases were leftovers from a disastrous, RIAA-shepherded war against file-swapping fans, somehow justified by wildly-overpaid RIAA presidents like Cary Sherman.

The only question I have is: Will the U.S. follow suit? Here’s hopin’.

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