Caliph Stuns With His Blazing Single “Break The Internet”

Caliph Stuns With His Blazing Single “Break The Internet”


Few walk away from Caliph’s new visual, “Break The Internet,” unscathed. Nicki Minaj, Drake and J. Cole fall prey to the Boston rapper’s venom. Makonnen is compared to Caliph’s privates, and Big Sean, well, “Big Sean is dropping EPs, the game is hopeless.” Ariana gets the “grande,” so I can’t say she escaped this one either. That’s only the beginning. Industry politics, race relations and the struggles of a man in search of empowerment make this release one of 2015’s most immediately striking records to surface.

Bar for bar, Caliph asserted himself as one of his city’s gems years ago. This effort will hopefully prove his talents can extend far beyond the Boston area.

AyyDot handles the production here, borrowing the vocal and piano elements of “Note to Self,” the powerful closer to J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Witness Caliph “Break The Internet” below; follow him on Twitter here.

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