Busta Rhymes – “Thank You” F. Q-Tip

q-tip-busta-rhymes“Thank You” is presumably the latest drop from Busta Rhymes‘ upcoming album, E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2, that’s now scheduled to drop at some point in 2014. While I wasn’t personally looking forward to the project that much, my anticipation for it has grown considerably after hearing this joint. “Thank You” is on some throwback, straight-up rhyming level of hip-hop from Busta and one of his earliest collaborators and co-signers, Q-Tip. The two spit back-and-forth sets of bars on each verse over a funk-soul instrumental, which Tip absolutely murders might I add.

You can hear the track below.

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  1. Very dope. If at first this sounds strange to you… it’s what hip hop use to sound like…

  2. Cody Achter|

    ehh not wat i expected

  3. S’bout time these 2 collaborated again. Ill Vibe still goes strong on my speakers. Busta just need to lay off the “HGH” juice & stop cuttin his hair

  4. Whoa!

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