Brock Berrigan – Two AM

Brock Berrigan – Two AM

brock-berrigan-two-am-artworkBrock Berrigan – Two AM
Self-released: 2014

Brock Berrigan is an audio filmmaker. In the same vein as artists like Blockhead and Wax Tailor and even Avalanches, Berrigan, who has been churning out projects at an alarming rate, has crafted another cinematic masterpiece with his newest release, Two AM.

To call Brock prolific would be an understatement. Since early 2011, he has released nine full-length instrumental projects. That’s nine mp3 films, where each cover shows our mysterious artist cloaked in a rooster mask, often surrounded by instruments, cigarettes, and booze. He is an animal trapped in his own world, a world of soul and obscurities, where every sound fits perfectly like a puzzle.

Heavenly loops (“Lost in Sound”), whistling euphoria (“Truth”), and Mario jumps (“Brave the Storm”) all make appearances on Two AM, a title named after an hour of the night/morning where anything is possible and everything is a bit more bizarre. Violin samples and female croons, lion roars and boom-bap drums. It all comes to life here. The title track feels like a séance, for example; a christening of sorts, tip-toeing on Gregorian levels. Side note: “Tequila Mockingbird” is an awesome track name.

While the project is 16 tracks long, it’s only a little over half an hour in length. Every track arrives and departs with quick precision, making it very ADD friendly, and giving the adderalled listener the feeling of watching a fast-paced action film. Packed with noir audio bites and harmonies from yesterday, Two AM is a modern day adaptation of trip back in time. It is Pleasantville with significantly more caffeine and alcohol abuse.

“People Like Us” followed by “Summer of 86” might be the most impressive part of the project, two tracks that come near the end of the tape and that both contain multiple switch-ups and progressions throughout. Four songs hiding inside of two tracks. The switch up on “People Like Us” is worthy of a very over exaggerated, vocalized, “HOL’ UP….REWIND!”

Two AM closes just as the unfinished producer has planned, with a track called “To Be Continued”; it is all evidence that our rooster face imposter plans to strike again, throwing another short film our way in no time. The villainous producer who takes inspirations from DOOM and Clutchy Hopkins has an audio vault that is (digitally) stacking higher and higher as the projection behind this producer’s eyes is becoming all the more vibrant. Embrace the rampage.

4 out of 5

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