Brandt Brauer Frick – “Plastic Like Your Mother” F. Om’Mas Keith

Brandt Brauer Brandt Brauer Frick   Plastic Like Your Mother F. OmMas KeithBerlin trio Brandt Brauer Frick are no stranger to German techno. Their sound has found strength through several different forms, primarily in the realm of acoustic instrumentation. Their latest album seems to be moving in a different direction, though, as they have employed a dark piano and the whispering vocals of Sa-Ra’s Om’Mas Keith. The single is called “Plastic Like Your Mother”, a deep-beating piece of underground dance music. Dance music that doesn’t quite sound like anything we have heard before, yet it won’t have much trouble getting your body moving.

The song is set to appear on Brand Brauer Frick’s forthcoming Miami album, which is scheduled for a March 19 release via !K7 Recordings.